why portugal


Permanent Residency

Starting €350,000, you can acquire Permanent Residency in Portugal which would extend to you, your spouse, your parents and your children.


Culture & Coastline

With over 800 Km of coastline and 17 UNESCO world heritage sites, Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries of Europe and one of the very few that has a Golden Visa program.


Path To EU Citizenship

Portugal offers the best path to EU citizenship in just 5 years without having to live in Portugal. All you need to do is buy a home and visit once a year for 5 years consecutively.


Schengen Access

As Portugal is part of Schengen Europe and the EU, residency in Portugal also provides access to visa free travel across the Schengen zones of Europe.


Legal Support

Receive full legal support for your investment including residency and citizenship with our team in India and our partners in Portugal.